I am a freelance illustrator.(Dark icons will contain nsfw material)

Commission Info

I will only accept commission inquiries made with the provided form.
Payment is 100% upfront and done via paypal.
I will be sending you the invoice after you reviewed the sketch.
Feel free to send me a mail at [email protected] if you have any questions.

* Fan art in this case means that all characters portrayed belong to a established IP (shows/ films, games, etc). Player created characters in games are NOT included.


  • very little shading

  • simple textures

  • no background

1 character60 EUR
each additional character48 EUR

cel shading

  • simple hard "anime" shadows

  • simple textures

  • simple light source

1 character75 EUR
each additional character60 EUR
complex background27- 40 EUR

soft shading

  • detailed shading

  • complex light sources

  • detailed textures

1 character85 EUR
each additional character68 EUR
complex background35 - 45 EUR

Options for all 3 styles

  • Simple backgrounds are FREE!

  • Variations are 5-25 EUR each, depending on complexity

  • Private commissions, which won't be posted by me, will be charged extra with 25% of the initial price on top.

Terms of Service

I. Payment

  • Payment will be handled via Paypal only

  • Commissions must be paid in full upfront

  • Accepted currency is EUR

II. Process

  • After accepting the commission I will send you a sketch (usually via mail)

  • The commission will be paid via invoice after the client approved the sketch

  • Completion time can range from 2 weeks to 3 month, depending on factors such place in the queue, complexity and personal matters

  • Revisions/ changes to the commission are free (up to the point were the time spend on adjusting things exceeds the overall value of the commission)

  • All completed pieces will be sent via email as to ensure quality is preserved

III. Usage policy

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing.Unless it was handled as a private commission, I'm allowed to use the artwork to;

  • Promote myself with it in any place or site

  • Post it wherever I want

The commissioners are allowed to;

  • Use the artwork for personal use only unless agreed otherwise

  • Print the art for personal use

  • Repost the artwork with proper credit given to the artist

I will NOT allow the commissioned artwork to;

  • Be used to train AI

  • Be sold as a N/F/T

  • Be altered without my consent

  • used for commercial purposes/ pro-profit unless agreed otherwise

Any statement can be bound to change if discussed with me, the artist, prior to the commission.These Terms and Conditions are subject to revision without notice.